668 W1 Reflections

I also apologize for my posts being late this first week. This is the first year my two boys are on different basketball teams. I have a schedule set in my Google calendar now, so I should be on time going forward.


This week we talked about how important it is to get the kids attention and have them feel connected. Engagement is so important in learning. I hear all the time that kids and teachers have personality conflicts. This does not happen if the class in connected and kids are engaged. Engagement is one of the hardest aspects for teachers to create; also maintaining the relationship to keep the kids attention.


This week I learned from my peers:

Natalie used one of the same examples I did from Tristan de Frondeville’s tips on engagement. I like the simplistic points to use like movement and blogs. Sarah brought up a great point that we must be passionate to be engaged. Sara Lucas posted a great video by our textbook author about teaching like a pirate.


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