668 Week 1



I do believe that innovation can have a positive influence on keeping our students engaged. What better way to get student engaged then using our current day innovated technology, which seems to be tablets and smart phones. I can find endless free apps on just about any topic. I love that we can recommend using an app to support a lesson plan or one to build a concept map that allows an introverted student express inner Einstein.




I liked all the hooks I read in Burgess book about teaching like a pirate. I was a great read that had so many ideas. I will use his idea of using a hook in the introductory part of my lesson plan. The preview Education article had many ideas to about not only engaging but maintaining the connection with your students. 5 steps you can follow to actively engage your students and help them feel personally connected to their learning:

  1. Connect what you’re teaching to real life
  2. Use students’ interests and fascinations
  3. Give students choices
  4. Present information in multiple formats
  5. Teach students self-monitoring skills


In addition, here are few rules of Engagement I found useful from Frondeville:

  1. Start with a Class Mind Warm up
  2. Use Movement to Get Kids Focused
  3. Use Quickwrites When you Want Quiet Time and Student Reflection


I feel that the class warm ups are a great idea. They help students interact with peers which makes them feel connected. Children are not built to sit still. They love to get up and move. Blogs are a great way for students to write down what they learned. It helps them learn how to write notes and to see peer students work.

Checklists are also a great idea to ensure we are using latest trends. My daughter loves Musical.ly, two months ago I had no idea what that app was. Now I can hear making videos all day lol. She makes videos about her daily lessons in a variety of subjects and her middle school friends will replay in a response video about homework.



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Frondeville, Tristan De. (2009, August 3). How to Keep Kids Engaged in Class. Retrieved Jan 21, 2017 from: https://www.edutopia.org/classroom-student-participation-tips

The Preview: Education. (2012 Feb). 5 tips for getting all your students engaged in learning. Retrieved Jan 21, 2017 from: http://archive.brookespublishing.com/articles/ed-article-0212.htm


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