EDET 668 Wk2

EQ: What role does professional satisfaction play in the effectiveness of a classroom?

As all things in life, we achieve a sense of satisfaction when we complete a job that we give one hundred percent. When we commit ourselves to hard work and thoroughness, our pride is shown in the details of our work. I think that this is so true for classrooms. When we prepare classroom lesson plans according to our student audience, we feel the sense of satisfaction for the job well done.



I decided to become a teacher because I think that I am good with helping people learn and I do want to give back to my community. I know my vision is well shared among my peers. I understand the challenges that can arise and also the rewards that come with the job. The feeling of pride and satisfaction that is achieved when we see our students mastering a difficult task is how I see my calling.

Richmond discusses the current issues of the declining teacher with professional job satisfaction.

“Conducted annually since 1984, the survey polled representative sampling of 1,000 teachers and 500 principals in K-12 schools across the country. Only 39 percent of teachers described themselves as very satisfied with their jobs on the latest survey. That’s a 23-percentage point plummet since 2008, and a drop of five percentage points just over the past year. Factors contributing to lower job satisfaction included working in schools where the budgets, opportunities for professional development, and time for collaboration with colleagues have all been sent to the chopping block.”

Passion is something that I think is easily seen in a motivated teacher. Her classroom is also motivated. Her teaching style shows the effectiveness of teachings. Her students are eager to learn and engaged. The flip side is a stagnant teacher that is discouraged by regulations and other negative influences to only meet the standards. This type of teacher feels no satisfaction or pride in her work. She is merely there to fill a school position and her ineffectiveness is easily seen. There are probably many factors as Richmond suggests to the decline of teacher job satisfaction such as low wages, the demand for a large number of students, standardized testing and lack of hours in the work day to create quality lesson plans for students.

I do want to report most of my teacher friends love their jobs. It does require long hours and self-funding for classrooms and supplies. However, I have never heard one of them tell me it’s not worth it. They love their students and have job satisfaction.




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2 thoughts on “EDET 668 Wk2

  1. Hi Josie,
    It was so interesting to read about the annual job satisfaction survey poll and the 23 percent job satisfaction drop from 2008. Yikes! From personal experience, it is discouraging to have the time for collaboration with colleagues cut back. To have the support and collaboration with your colleagues is an important factor in teacher satisfaction and effectiveness in the classroom. The best ideas are from our peers and their experiences. I have found there is a great community online for teachers but you definitely have to go out and find it. As you said, with those long hours, self funding and pure love for the job.:)


  2. Josie,

    I like you you really get to the reasons that teachers can be unmotivated by their jobs. The data is striking, a 23 point plummet is huge! This reminds me of the encouraging words that Burgess covers in his text. He speaks about how he lets those negative aspects of teaching roll off his back because of his mighty purpose. I am so glad that you have colleagues that also enjoy their job. I think that in itself can keep one motivated during tough times.

    What are some specific things you like to do in your class when you feel discouraged and want to get the satisfaction back?


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