EDET 668 ~ Week 2 Reflections

This week we talked about professional satisfaction on the job. Teachers have it tough, there is no doubt. The lack of pay, shortage of education funds, and disrespect can discourage even the most dedicated teacher. I don’t think that is some hidden reason why the turn over for first time teacher is so high.


We have to focus on the unspoken rewards like seeing a child read for the first time or being able to solve a math problem. There is no doubt that teacher have such an important role in raising our children. You have to love teaching to feel satisfied with the career choice.


From my peers I learned:

  • Gerald used his real life math situations with today’s topic. He is very good with providing real life scenarios.
  • Tristan brought that teaching can very political and you can get discouraged about regulations.
  • Larissa included a video about teacher dissatisfaction. She talked about challenges more in depth.

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