Project proposal

Project proposal

My degree plan is to work with adults; therefore, my subject is a 50+ year old single man. He is my husband’s uncle. He was in the Navy for several years; therefore he was exposed to technology at that time. He has fallen behind and would like to come up to speed.


He asked for my assistance with purchasing a new computer to replace his old Windows XP laptop. I showed him the two laptops that I would choose: a new windows 10 hp laptop and a new shiny Macbook. I am partial to the Macbook (what I use at home), however, I have a windows machine for work. I showed him the navigation for each laptop to get to the internet browser and the office suites. He choose the Macbook. I thought it was a great choice since he has an iPhone and iPad (for which I am told he does not know how to use).


What he would like to learn (I am asked for this type of mentorship all the time) is more on the office suite side. He would like to be able to write letters, resume, create a budget spreadsheet, Skype, and just be more proficient in general. I would like to setup a few tutorials on what I think would benefit him. I think seven to nine one hour sessions will be sufficient. I might create a quick survey to measure his growth and my mentor effectiveness as well.


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