Edet668 Week 4 Reflection

This week we talked about how important play is in students learning. Play should be part of the student’s growth from infancy to adulthood. We as adults can still learn through play. When I was an IT manage for UAA, I purchased 22 new iPads gen 2 (this was several years ago). Most of the staff was very nervous about the new technology. My advice for them was to take them home and “play” on them. The navigation would become more familiar with play. Within a month all staff was able to check their emails and use the app more efficiently because of the “play” experience. As a professional educator change should be expected, but we as human do often resist change.


This week I learned from my peers:


  • Tristan talked about easy it is to tie play into learning. I enjoyed her real life experiences in her blog.
  • Sarah shared the different types of players with us. I found that I am also an explorer type like her. She also shared how change can be challenging to her.
  • Andrea brought up the fact the play can mean so many different things. We need to continue to play through out life.

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