EDET 668 Week 8 – Reflection

This week we talked about our personal Moral Purpose. As educators, we do commonly have like minds to educate students. However, I do think from time to time, we lose our vision. We need to self-reflect and converse among our peers to ensure that we are still fighting the good fight. I am often inspired when I hear my teacher friends share their victories. They always tell me that the students that leave the biggest impressions are not the easy A students. It is the quiet ones that struggle. It is the ones that have small unvoiced victories that leave a lifelong impression on you and inspire you to do more.


I learned from my peers:

  • Sarah shared her personal experience with Capturing Kids Hearts which focused on building relationships
  • Natalie talked about how environments that are conducive to learning
  • Jule talked about her moral purpose, to bring happiness to her students

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