EDET 668 – Week 8

ESSENTIAL QUESTION: What strategies do you use that are related to your “moral purpose”? How do these contribute to your overall leadership?

 Moral Purpose

Moral Purpose: the intention to make a positive difference in the lives of individuals such as employees, clients and society as a whole (Fullan).


I think for most educators have a moral purpose to make society a better place by giving back to the community through teaching. We want to influence our youth (or adult groups) in a positive way.We do this by providing a solid example of a model citizen. We show up to work on time and ready for the work day. We are prepared and show that we generally care about our students. We obey the rules and policies of the school. These are all examples that we display, we want the students to learn by our examples.

We learn from Fullan that “in education, an important end is to make a difference in the lives of students.” We leave an impression with our students. We should strive to make it a positive one. I do want to be the kind of teacher a student remembers, ones that helps me a difference in their life.

Our moral purpose is a self governing quality that inspires us to stride to be the best educator daily. We consistently self assess and review where we want to be so that we can achieve more in the next year.



Moral purpose consists of: Respect, Honesty, Ethics, and Integrity. These are qualities help mold our character. We show respect to our peers, students, and school. We are honest in all our interactions. We have great work ethics. Our peer teachers are able to trust by because of our integrity.



Include your progress on your Mentoring Project on your blog.  Are you able to stick to your timeline? Do you have concerns at this point? Are there successes you would like to celebrate? Let us know how it’s going!

We had had to make some adjustments to the project because of my sickness. I think we can stay on the timeline though. We are making progress. I gave my mentee a few some assignments to do at home to help him become more efficient with using his new Macbook. He is becoming more familiar and I am happy with the progress.



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