EDET 668 Wk 10 Reflection

ESSENTIAL QUESTION: Explain and give examples to argue why the following statement is true or false: “Get the right people on your team, and get the wrong ones off.”

This week we talked about dealing the “right” and “wrong” people. I have an idea of what the right and wrong people are, but I was only able to find very loose the exact definitions. In life, we always have to work with people that could be labeled as “wrong.” We grow as leaders when we learn how to manage the “wrong” employees. We learn how to inspire them to look more like the “right” people and how to decrease negativity. We do need the challenges to challenges us and make us better leaders.

This week, I learned through my peers:

  • Jim talked about how a group of only the right people would be boring, we need the “wrong” people to challenge us.
  • Tristan also talked having the same minded people on your team, is not challenging and we learn from challenges.
  • Andrea talked about her experiences with special education and the diverse group that comes with working with IEPs (individual education plan)

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